Factors to Consider When Buying a Condo


It takes many years for some people to decide to buy a condo, while to others it boils down to lifestyle. Some people will argue that a condo comes with fewer responsibilities than an owned house. The owner of the condos, for example, takes care of the lawn, shovels out snow and takes care of the garden if there is one. If you find it difficult to run those activities, it is better if you buy a condo than a house. Doing the overall math, condos are more affordable than houses and especially in the urban areas. If you have finally said yes to the idea of buying a condo, below are things you should consider when purchasing one. Read on.


neighborhood, location, roadBefore anything else, you should check if the location of the condo matches your requirements. If you are not planning to live in that condo forever, it is wise to think about the resale value. How is the neighborhood? Have you seen or heard of developments plans to make the area a better place economically? What about the view? Would you enjoy the neighborhoods at the moment for the next five years or so? And if constructions are going on, are they blocking your view?


Amenities are the extras like a gym, visitors parking, party room, guest room, swimming pool, and concierge. Many times, the more the extras, the more expensive the condos are. Take a good look at the extras and determine if you are going to make use of them. You do not want to be paying for something you will not be using.

Condo Rules

There are rules to live by in a condo. You will not live with all the freedom as from your owned home. Condos have restrictions on their residents like, for instance, pet restrictions. You might be allowed to come in with your small dog or cat in that matter. In addition to that, you might not be allowed to renovate the house without permission. Before making payments, make sure to ask about the rules and restrictions of the condo.


condo size, furnitureYou cannot buy a condo without looking at its size. Ensure that the furniture you have will fit well in the condo. You need to be keener on the size if you are buying a pre-construction where you are not allowed to step in the unit. You do not want to deal with the stress of none of your furniture fits in the condo.…